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Organic Farming Method for Paddy(Rice) Cultivation

First World Accelerator(FWA) is proud to supply bio nutrients for Paddy Cultivation. Given below is the complete set of instructions for one acre of Paddy farm:

  1. For First 15 Days – Give half litre (500ml) of FWASHET through water one week before plantation. Give another half litre (500mL) of FWASHET 10 days after planting the crop.
  2. 15 to 20th Day – Spray FWAStim Rich and FWABio 95.
  3. 20 to 25th Day – Spray FAWIntact, FWAWrap Up and FWABio 95 as precautionary step to control pest and prevent fungus disease that attacks leaves and roots.
  4. 30 to 35th Day – Mix FWA N,P,K each half litre (500mL) and give it to wet soil through water.
  5. 40 to 45th Day – Spray FWAStim Rich and FWABio 95.
  6. 55th Day – Give half a litre (500mL) of FWA N,P,K each through water to wet soil.
  7. 60 to 65th Day – Spray FWAStim Rich and FWABio 95.

Note: If necessary FWASHET can be given inbetween 30 to 40 days.

Foliar Application – Add 1 mL of FWAStim Rich for 1 litre of water and 1 mL of FWABio 95 in 3 litres of water. For example, in 10 litre sprayer tank – add 10 mL of FWAStim Rich and 3 mL of FWABio 95.

You can order all of the bio fertilizers mentioned above for Rs 10,000 combo pack using the form below:

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