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Viral Diseases Research

For thousands of years, human civilization has been plagued by several viral diseases leading to pandemics and epidemics. Once in a while, vaccines have provided relief but there are several diseases where proper cure or solution is NOT yet on the table. Most recently, COVID-19  (SARS COV2) virus has shown how vulnerable is modern society.

Collaborative Ventures

FWA (First World Accelerator) is building a platform to foster ventures and research projects to help human civilization overcome various diseases like COVID-19 and beyond. We believe there are several diseases where improper treatment is provided to people because of flawed approach. Even more appalling is the induction of such flawed approach into mainstream society.

FWA platform is solving the problem by building an eco-system of disconnected innovators whose voices are ignored either because their solution is partial or ahead of time or because the world is too busy or pre-occupied. Currently, we have a mix of talented experts in the following areas: 

  • Herbal and Naturopathy practitioners
  • Bio-tech experts
  • Nanotechnology scientists
  • Production machinery design and Fabrication
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