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Cyber Security

cybersecurity for enterprises

First World Accelerator is equipped with an army of cyber security experts trained and led by pioneering gurus who have decades of experience in networking and ethical hacking.

Gurus @ First World Accelerator have a proven track record with dozens of media coverage right from their school and college days. We have detected vulnerabilities of E-Bay, won numerous bug bounty programs of BlackBerry and AT&T. Our cyber security group has protected 100’s companies from diverse industries ranging from jewellery, shipping, spirituality and medicine, from cyber attacks.

Our team will inspect and audit IT infrastructure in your organization on an ongoing basis – it does not matter whether your staff work from the office or home. Some of our services and features include:

  • 24/7, 365 days of Cyber security
  • Remote  Cyber security audit
  • On demand Support and Security
  • Complaint with all regulations
  • Preventing Denial of service attacks
    Preventing keyloggers
  • Enforcing email security
  • Preventing man in the middle attacks
  • Securing your WiFi networks
  • Securing mobile phones used by your staff
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