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Nucleic acid test Kit for COVID-19


This is a nucleic acid test agent with 98% accuracy. COVID-19 can be detected in three hours.

  • Infected patients, positive or negative.
  • can detect asymptomatic patients

At present, many countries are importing this commodity test kit named nucleic acid test. There are two test kits on the market.

  • The other test kits in the market has only 40% accuracy. It can only test symptomatic patients but not asymptomatic ones.
  • Our nucleic acid test agent is 98% accurate.
  • It takes three hours to complete.
  • Asymptomatic can also be tested for viruses. This is our biggest advantage / the most important thing is that it can be exported globally
This nucleic acid test kit is your only chance to make money if you import and become a national / regional distributor.

If you need less quantity, pricing will change.

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