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Self Powered Disinfectant Product Unit

Corona Virus Pandemic has created a huge demand of disinfectants like Sodium Hypochlorite / Calicum Hypochlorite. Industries are not able to supply disinfectants to cater to the growing demand. Our startup team setup a self powered Sodium Hypochlorite with solar panels in a matter of a few weeks.

Solar powered Disinfectant Production

During April 2020, major wholesale vegetable/fruits market for Chennai in Southern India, named Koyambedu market started seeing numerous cases of Covid-19. The market was shutdown in a week’s time. However, within a few weeks time, state government of Tamilnadu built a new facility for wholesalers in Thirumazhisai, around 25KM from Chennai. Our startup team affiliated with FWA(First World Accelerator) did the work of setting up an innovative solution for the production of Sodium Hypochlorite that has a break-even period of a few months. Because it’s driven 100% by Solar panel, it’s self-sustaining. This unit produces sufficient quantity of disinfectant for hundreds of shops and vehicles transporting supplies to/from the market.

Disinfectant Production unit

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