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First World Accelerator

For Startups and Investors
  • Enormous growth opportunities in India
  • High Risk putting off many investors
  • Remedy: We curate and engage top quality startups

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Invest in unexplored areas to reap high returns 

Do you want to explore long-term returns by investing small amount of money for research and development, evaluating proof of concept(PoC),  conduct a series of design/prototype/validate exercises without building an expensive research and development resource ? If so, you have come to the right place.

  • The team at First World Accelerator,  has decades of experience in nurturing startups across a wide variety of sectors. We are constantly sourcing, interacting and engaging through our network of incubators and accelerators around the world.
  • First World Accelerator is building Innovation and Startup Culture with an aim to drive consumption in large emerging economies through its unique style and eco-system.
  • Once you subscribe to First World Accelerator project, we will help you identify winning teams, establish bonding with innovative startup founders, invest and grow with them.
  • Complete access to enterprise data where you find thousands of startups and enterprises who have reached flourishing revenues.

Pay $100 to register for First World Accelerator as Enterprise member

Identify startup / innovators to nurture new business models that can boost your business

  • First World Accelerator(FWA) team engages all kinds of innovators and startup teams ranging from bio-technology, nanotechnology, material science, software engineering, AI/ML (artificial intelligence/Machine Learning) who are working an variety of business models and social issues.
  • Startups engaged by FWA team  from diverse backgrounds are developing and selling solutions for a wide range of problems like water purification, sanitation, education, building materials, bio-reactors, farming, etc. using patent winning technologies as mentioned above.
  • Once you subscribe to First World Accelerator project, we can create a mechanism for you to create new models to suit business background and comfort level.

Pay $100 to support First World Accelerator team and grow along.

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